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With historic low interest rates, low inventory and an ever-increasing demand to be part of America’s Best Kept Secret, Colorado Springs, has created a market challenge for Buyers and Sellers. This challenge can only be saved by a team of heroic professionals: The Lana Rodriguez Group, also known as The LRG.

These professionals have answered the call to duty and assembled a force to protect and serve any and all Buyers and Sellers. Their mission is to establish an undeniable Trust, reveal the definition of high-caliber Performance and most importantly demonstrate the Care clients deserve.

This energetic and accomplished group of professionals is available anytime to serve and meet one’s real estate needs. The LRG is a proven, resourceful and caring group that only wants to bring value to their client’s lives. Take the moment now and contact the LRG to schedule an unforgettable real estate buying or selling experience.


Leading the force is Colorado Springs Residential Expert, Lana Rodriguez, who has earned the Top 1% Ranking, served close to 200 families within less than a 24 month period and has added priceless value to Colorado Springs and El Paso County. Her 10 years of exceptional managerial and customer service experience with global brands such as Michael Kors, Kenneth Kole and BCBG has channeled her service to a never before seen performance within the City’s history. Lana is married to Bryan, an active duty soldier and has one beautiful baby girl, Olivia.


Managing this force is Colorado Springs’s most desired executive team manager, Debi Volk comes from an array of management and administrative positions. From Law Firms to Real Estate Settlement Services, Debi is able to ensure client care never falls below extraordinary satisfaction. Her specialized skills sustains the groups ability to be anywhere and at anytime for their clients.


Aiding in this challenge is an accomplished and passionate military spouse, Cami Browning. A recent Master of Business Graduate of Fogelman College at the University of Memphis comes to deliver a competitive advantage in Client Services and Management. Just like her husband’s commitment to serve our Country, Cami truly demonstrates her devotion to serve her Buyers and Sellers in this fierce competitive environment.


Additionally, providing supplementary support is Colorado Spring’s favorite native, Kelli Henry, as an alumnus of Colorado State University-Pueblo and a dynamic Coach for Colorado’s Leading Fastpitch Softball Club, Springs Thunder, Kelli applies her marketing knowledge and coaching skills in providing a rewarding experience for her clients and ultimately building lasting friendships.


During the closing process, there is no one better to lead one than Ashley. Close to 20 years in real estate sales and transaction coordination, Ashely delivers an unmatched performance. As a graduate of Texas A&M University, former Fannie Mae Asset Manager and owner of Peak Transaction Coordinating, LLC, Ashely has an array of experiences that keep PCS Colorado in the top for closing times and satisfaction. Ashely works remotely from Atlanta, GA with her fiancé, Ron and her rescue dog, Saint.