10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Colorado Springs

Congratulations! You’ve chosen one of the top cities in the country as your new home. Colorado Springs has been growing in appeal for years and has made noted as one of the best places to live. What makes “the Springs” (as locals call it) so special for its residents?


1. Year-round sunshine.

You’ll quickly come to know that residents boast of the 300+ days of sunshine. EVen when snow comes through, it usually melts away within a matter of days and people are back out in the sun. The average high in January is 45 degrees and the average in July is 75 degrees. No matter the season, Colorado Springs is an ideal place to get your daily dose of vitamin C.


2. Trails, trails, trails.

With 60+ hiking, walking, and biking trails in the vicinity, this is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. But you don’t have to be an avid outdoorsman to enjoy these free trails; plenty of them are low impact and easy for a fun family outing. Learn more HERE and find a trail that suits you, from easy to advanced.


3. It’s hard to get lost.

The mountains act as a continual compass as you navigate around the city. With the range running along entire horizon to the west, you’ll always have an idea of which way you are going. Not only is it rather handy, but it’s also a beautiful view from anywhere in the area.


4. Insect-free climate.

Unlike other areas of the country, Colorado Springs is relatively bug-free even in the hottest months. Mosquitoes, chiggers, and other pests are few and far between. That’s reason enough to love it here! Moths occasionally come in the fall, but they subside when winter hits.


5. Bucket-list destinations in your backyard.

Garden of the gods, Cave of the Winds, Seven Falls, Cliff Dwellings, Pikes Peak Cog Railway… people travel from around the nation to see these outdoor features. When you live in Colorado Springs, these become fun outings on the weekends.


6. There’s always something to do!

But seriously. At any given time, you will find fun (and free!) events for kids and adults alike in the different communities of Colorado Springs. We recommend PeakRadar.com for the latest in local happenings with music, film, sports, family events, or specialty hobbies. A few highlights of anticipated events are Territory Days, the Balloon Classic at Memorial Park, coffin races in Manitou Springs, farmers markets, outdoor music nights, movies at the Briargate Promenade, and the Jack Quinn running club on Tuesday nights.


7. Small shops and start-ups.

In recent years, Colorado Springs has become a hub for entrepreneurs and small business owners. In fact, CNN Money named Colorado Springs as one of the top eight most business-friendly cities, due to easy-going zoning laws and light regulations. It only take a short time in the Springs to see the many small businesses and one-of-a-kind shops located from Old Colorado City to Monument.


8. Air Force Academy.

There aren’t many commutes that all drivers to see Air Force cadets parachute jumping out of planes or the Thunderbirds practicing their show routines. For Springs residents, this is just a part of the drive to work!


9. The Broadmoor.

Luxury isn’t reserved just for those on vacations. With the Broadmoor located in the southwest area of the city, anyone can take advantage of it’s world-renowned beauty. Whether you take a walk around the lake feeding the geese, enjoy one of the five-star restaurants, or even stay overnight in a lavish room, the Broadmoor is a delight — no matter how long the visit.


10. A city teeming with community.

Regardless of your hobbies or lifestyle, Colorado Springs is a fantastic place to find community. Coffee lovers, exercise enthusiasts, musicians and artists, businessmen and women, animal owners, families or singles — there are so many ways to find others with common values and interests.


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